Beginner's Enduro

Saturday before Shelton Valley Enduro

EVENT IS PRE ENTRY ONLY  - Registration is closed.

**Please try to signup all people in your party together on one transaction. We do 3 riders per minute. Just enter all the same row # request. And/or include a comment with the names that want to ride together.

Use Promo Code LSHIRT to add on a Large event t-shirt, or XLSHIRT to add on an Extra Large t-shirt ($20 each).

New to Enduro?

3 riders per minute

Course; about 35+ miles. No gas available on course. Odometer, watch, or clock & roll chart holder recommenced. Roll chart holders available for purchase

No GPS allowed.

Sound test. Spark arrestor required. Approved 98dba muffler required.

What class to sign up for and ride;



250cc & under





15 & Under

New to Enduro? Expert instructor will discuss the rules, course layout, timekeeping basics, setting your clock riding "possibles," scoring, strategy and more for experienced riders looking to try an enduro. Click Beginner Enduro School Video 

Slide Show version here

Quick printable version here!

Saturday SCORECARDS will be available at 8 a.m.

Results will be posted online, Monday night. You will receive an email with a link to the scores. It will also be posted at

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ, PRINT and bring the required forms below. These are forms you must bring to the event in order

to ride. We will not be providing them at the event so it is up to you to bring them. If you are riding both days we need two signed

releases, give us one each day.

Enduro Training Video and training documents are online at Review this.

RELEASE: Print and Sign the Green Diamond Release below. You can't ride if you don't bring this signed form with you. GD Release

RIDERS MEETING: Will be in person Saturday morning at 9:30am

Rules at the Event ~ Keep our events happening!

Event contact


The event gates open at 5:00pm on Friday... Do not show up early.  

There is FREE self-contained dry RV camping included, so be sure to join us for the entire weekend and have a great time with the entire family! Please NOTE; there is no Sunday night camping. Only propane campfires allowed.

This event crosses PRIVATE PROPERTY that is closed except for these two days.

This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet with a fantastic timekeeper enduro event in some of the best terrain in Washington State. This is an unforgettable day of fantastic riding on trails which are only accessible during these sanctioned event days!  This excellent instructional power point consist of an informal school session.  You will get expert instruction on the rules, course layout, timekeeping basics, setting your clock, riding "possibles", scoring, strategy, and much more!