Who Are PSER'S?

We are a group of Puget Sound area off-road motorcycle riders, racers and enthusiasts. PSER members are just darn cool folks.

Today it has grown to approximately 100+ members. As the clubs' name suggests, Puget Sound Enduro Riders is an "enduro club".

Our core events are the Ron Morgenthaler Memorial Shelton Valley Enduro, the Shelton Valley Beginners Enduro, the Shelton Valley 2-Day Fun Run.

We exercise responsible stewardship of the land, spending countless hours each year on trail maintenance and resource improvements. We are also active on land use issues and are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community through charitable giving and volunteer activities.

PSER Board of Officers

David Boyle, President

Byron Stuck, Vice President

Dan Gidlof, Treasurer

Barb Toms, Secretary

Bethany Simmons, Membership

Mark Hopsecger, Trail Committee Chair

Dan Warner, Property Committee Chair

James Morin, Member at Large

Dave Bowers, Member at Large

PSER started in 1980 by our 4 founders

Dorian Sleeper, Gary "Dakota" Sorem, Dave Bowers, and Jon Sanberg


Contact psermc@gmail.com