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2017 Shelton Valley 2-Day Fun Run

Please remember
 - our main course is limited to ATV's with a maximum width of 48 inches.  It is far too narrow for side-by-side UTV's such as Rhino's, Mules and RZR's, and those types of vehicles are not allowed.

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Join us May 27th - 28th, 2017 for the Shelton Valley 2-Day Fun Run. There will be lots of trophies and contingencies for both of the event days - so be sure to ride both days.  This is a fun family event!  The event this year is a $30 entry fee with Kids under 12 are are only $10. Be sure to download and print out the flyer.

This year there is a $10 per vehicle gate fee.  Included in the gate fee is camping, so be sure come join us for the entire weekend and camp out Friday, Saturday and Sunday night this year.  Bbring the entire family out for riding, camping, and loads of fun all weekend long.  Gates open at noon on Friday, May 26th, 2017.

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This year there will only be 3 courses again this year, 2 of which will offer several route options to account for all rider abilities.  

The Long Course

 The long course this year is bikes only.  It is a 45+ mile loop, with shortcut options available.

The Main Course

The 25+ mile main course this year is where both bikes and ATVs can ride; so you with ATVs and bikes, can ride with your friends!  The main course will also include several shortcut options as well as optional "Challenge Sections" for you more adventurous riders.

Kids Course!

This 1 mile loop, with speed limits for the small riders who are eager to ride and get on their bikes. Older kids and folks, be aware - this is for the smaller riders.

  • All riders must have current ORV tabs or valid license on their bikes.
  • No side-by-sides such as Rhino's, Mules and RZR's
  • There is NO pit riding at this event.
  • Sound Test Strictly Enforce - 98 DBA
  • No riding Friday or Monday

Sign-Up and Event Timings

  • The event sign-up begins at 7:30am and runs through 10:30am each day. 
  • The first motorcycle out is at 8:30am
  • The first ATV is out at 9:30am.  
  • Last rider will be out at 11:00am!  
  • Trophies are given at starting at 4:00pm.
Don't forget  - Course Closes at 11:00am


Self-contained dry RV camping is permitted and is FREE for the event.  Join us for the weekend and stay over!  Camping is from noon Friday - 10 am Monday. There are NO CAMPFIRES

Closed Riding Area

The event crosses private property.  This area is only open to riding during the 2-day event.  There will be no riding allowed Friday or Monday.

The staging and camping location of the 2017 Shelton Valley 2-Day Fun Run is at the abandoned runway on the Port of Shelton Property.  The entrance is 9/10 of a mile north of the Fairgrounds off Hwy 101.  There will be signs!  

Sanderson Field

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