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The Final Push is Approaching

posted Mar 25, 2010, 1:26 PM by Puget Sound Enduro Riders Enduro Riders   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 6:34 AM ]
As the Shelton Valley Enduro is barely 1 month away and the Shelton Valley 2 Day Fun Run less then 2 months away - the final push to get the trail system in order approaches.  Members - if you've not made it out; get out there.  We're having lots of fun and the trails are coming together nicely.  We have plenty of opportunity to get out in April - so you have no excuse not to make an event or 5.  

April is going to be a busy month!  Not only do we have family and religious events on our calendars, but we also have 5 - yes, count them, 5 PSER events planned for the month of April.  There are 4 work parties planned for each Sunday of April - and a trash pickup day scheduled for April 17th.  
As always, meet up at Roosters at 8am - and come out and help make these events stand up to the PSER tradition.

Don't forget - be sure to check out the PSER Events for all the scheduled happenings throughout the year.   One final note - bikes are required beginning April 18th - see ya on the trail!