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Fight NOVA Fund Misappropriation

posted Mar 17, 2010, 10:40 AM by Puget Sound Enduro Riders Enduro Riders   [ updated Mar 17, 2010, 10:50 AM ]
Once again, thanks to Tod from ThumperTalk to keeping an eye on the dishonest politicians in Washington State and how our representatives in Olympia devise new methods by which to access the Nonhighway and Off-Road Vehicle Activities Program (NOVA) funds.

He points out that SB6444 will misappropriate our NOVA funds to the state parks.  The NOVA funds are not designed to be used to operate state parks.  For more information on NOVA, see the NOVA FAQ I found in google cache, as it has been removed from the website.

Senate Bill SB6444, Section 924 (page 265)

The legislature finds that the appropriation of funds from the NOVA account during the 2009-2011 fiscal biennium for maintenance and operation of state parks or to improve
accessibility for boaters and off-road vehicle users at state parks will benefit boaters and off-road vehicle users and others who use nonhighway and nonmotorized recreational facilities.


Please contact your representatives and express your disdain for such lowdown acts be their peers in Olympia.  If you do not have your representatives contact information handy, use this district finder here: