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Joining PSER

The Puget Sound Enduro Riders is a closed club.  This does not mean we do not accept new members, we simply do not have an open enrollment policy.  If you are interested in joining PSER - you need to come out to our meetings and get to know the members.  

We're a great bunch and want you to think so to before joining us.

All members are expected to attend the club meetings, work the trails for the 2 main events each year:  Shelton Valley Enduro and Shelton Valley 2 Day Fun Run (Poker Run) and volunteer to work at least one of the events.  Prospective members must have a sponsor in good standing, and participate in events with the club before enrolling in the fall enrollment:  October - December.  If you don't have a sponsor, don't worry.  Coming to meetings, events, and helping us out will be a solid way to get to know the other members and get yourself introduced to your potential sponsor.

 Drop on down to a meeting and introduce yourself!  We love to see new faces and everyone is welcome.  To find out when and where our meetings are on our Contact Us web page.